Eberron: Equilibrium's End

The Search for Katar, Part I
Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want

A wealthy warforged named Relic contacts members of the Tower Wardens in the hopes of establishing a contract for them to track down an associate of his who has gone missing.

Nyx and Content Not Found: eeeoak are sent to meet with him at his office at Morgrave University. Relic greets them and explains that he wants them to look into the disappearance of Katar, a trusted associate of his who was on a stopover near the town of Hatheril. More importantly, he asks that they recover the package that Katar was bringing to Sharn for Relic, a strange object recovered from a ruin in Xen’drik.

Once arriving in Hatheril (a day’s journey by Lightning Rail), they are instructed to make contact with Jin, another associate of Relic’s, who will have more information.

Jin explains that the lightning rail line was recently sabotaged about fifty miles north of town, which was the reason why Katar had to make a stop in Hatheril in the first place. Jin has been gathering some information and says that Katar was staying at a seedy inn named The Creeping Aboleth on the South side of town, but went missing about a few days ago.

The bartender of The Creeping Aboleth sees the heavily armed duo and returns Oak’s request for the house’s “finest wine” with a measure of an awful-tasting wine-like substance. In response to their queries about Katar, the bartender confirms that he disappeared (along with most of his belongings) a few days ago, and adds that the local gang of thugs might have had something to do with it. He also mentions that they’ve taken up residence in the banquet hall in the basement, and suggests that the two would be more than welcome to clear the thugs out.

Descending the creaky stairs into the banquet hall, a strong odor of smoke and bad ale washes over the two adventurers. As they enter, one of the men stands up and says gruffly, “I think y’re lost, the little girl’s room is upstairs.”

Oak slams the man into the wall and asks the room (cordially) for the whereabouts of Katar. Near the back of the hall, in front of a banner displaying the crest of The Black Fangs, a table of two or three men sit talking quietly to themselves. As daggers and clubs are drawn, one of them slips out a back door.

Encounter 1: Bar Basement Bandit Brawl

As the last thug falls dead onto the ground, the group heads off after the man who slipped away, only to find a small office with no exit. After a few minutes of searching, they find a hidden ladder leading up to the dusty street of Hatheril.

The Search for Katar, Part II
Blood Hawk Strikes Again

Nyx and Content Not Found: eeeoak emerge from the hidden passage out of the basement, only to find their quarry nowhere in sight.

Skill Challenge 1: Hounding the Hellion

In following the trail, their party grows. Boca and Donovyn join them outside of The Creeping Aboleth, and help to gather information in town about where the leader of The Black Fangs fled to. Infamous in the area, they discover that the group was often seen heading to the forest known as The Greenhaunt, to the north of town. While tracking in the forest, they mistakenly take a wrong path and stumble upon Sunder and Erik. They see a hawk fly overhead, (keenly noticing the brass bracelets on its leg, reading ‘Thom’ in Elvish) and expecting enemies ahead, unsuccessfully attempt to approach the area ahead with stealth.

They come up to a clearing at the base of a small cliff side, into the side of which are carved several natural caves. As they prepare to scale the cliff, several arrows are loosed by elven archers hidden in nearby trees.

Encounter 2: Feathery Forest Fight

The Search for Katar, Part III
The Archdruid Ritual

The party climbs the face of the cliff to a cave. Exploring into the cave, they find a tunnel heading down coated with a layer of slick cave slime. A misstep, and they find themselves interrupting a primal ritual of some sort by members of The Ashbound.

Encounter 3: Deadly Druid Duel

When the ritual completes, there is a bright flash, but nothing seems to happen. After finishing off the Ashbound druids, the party rouses Katar.

Katar tells the party that he was ambushed by some local thugs and has no memory of the actions that have taken place since. He feels normal and for all extents and purposes he is. He tells the party that he wasn’t carrying Relic’s package when he was ambushed and that he hid it in the floorboards of his room at the Creeping Aboleth. The group goes back to town to recover it (after looting the cavern) and finds it intact: a strange stump-like object coming out of what appears to be a Warforged arm.

On their return to Sharn, Relic tells the party that he believes the device to be some sort of Warforged component, and that the age of it lends credence to the theory that House Cannith based their design of the Warforged off of an unearthed Giant design. He tells the group that he needs more time to study the device but that this could lead to many important discoveries. He says he will present his findings to the university and begin looking into arranging expeditions into Giant ruins to look for more artifacts of these ‘Giantforged’.

Relic isn’t sure what to think of the Ashbound presence in Hatheril, or of Katar’s kidnapping, but thinks that they simply must not have been able to accomplish whatever they were trying to do. He says that he’ll be in touch in the future, and will try to arrange for the party to lead one of the expeditions to Xen’drik if they would like the position.

Marda, the leader of the Tower Wardens expresses concern about the Ashbound activity, and believes that their presence in Hatheril would mean that they have been behind the recent bombings of Lightning Rail routes. She will relay as much to House Orien, but in the meantime would like the party to go to Greenheart to relay this information to the Wardens of the Wood. She says she will arrange for Lightning Rail travel to Passage, the nearest major city to the Eldeen Reaches.

The Conference at Greenheart, Part I
Boar Afraid

In Niern the PCs meet a Goliath traveler named Lo-Kag who asks the PCs for their company on the way to Greenheart. He is traveling to Greenheart in order reconnect with the land and to train as a shaman under the Wardens of the Wood.

During the second day of travel, the PCs break for lunch and hear crashing sounds in the distance.

Encounter 4/Skill Challenge 2: Big Pig Pacification

Continuing their journey, they arrive in Greenheart. Dorn welcomes them and asks that they stay in Greenheart until the various druidic sects can be assembled, that a conference can be held.

Encounter 5: Preventing Poachers

Treeful of Hollow, Part I
Some Ashbound Are Bigger Than Others

Encounter 8: Treehouse Tussle (continued)

Encounter 9: Sleepytime Razorclaw Museum

Growing Pains, Part II
The Slaking of the Thirst

Encounter 16: Betrayer’s Rest (cont’d)

From the journal of Boca Longhoof

The dark hobgoblin fell and we left the strange room with the waterfall behind us.

The bone room had a pool of blood held in a raised bowl. Erik gorged himself on the blood, but the bowl refilled itself. Nyx and I opened the upright coffins expecting danger but what came out was a tidal wave of old bones that knocked me to the ground.

Oak translated markings on three doorways as “Sword Sibling”, which we took to mean some kind of guardian. We chose the unmarked door and walked into an enormous hall. The lights went out, and only then did Ashurta and his bodyguards awaken and move against us.

Encounter 17: Ashurta’s Tomb


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