Eberron: Equilibrium's End

The Search for Katar, Part I
Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want

A wealthy warforged named Relic contacts members of the Tower Wardens in the hopes of establishing a contract for them to track down an associate of his who has gone missing.

Nyx and Content Not Found: eeeoak are sent to meet with him at his office at Morgrave University. Relic greets them and explains that he wants them to look into the disappearance of Katar, a trusted associate of his who was on a stopover near the town of Hatheril. More importantly, he asks that they recover the package that Katar was bringing to Sharn for Relic, a strange object recovered from a ruin in Xen’drik.

Once arriving in Hatheril (a day’s journey by Lightning Rail), they are instructed to make contact with Jin, another associate of Relic’s, who will have more information.

Jin explains that the lightning rail line was recently sabotaged about fifty miles north of town, which was the reason why Katar had to make a stop in Hatheril in the first place. Jin has been gathering some information and says that Katar was staying at a seedy inn named The Creeping Aboleth on the South side of town, but went missing about a few days ago.

The bartender of The Creeping Aboleth sees the heavily armed duo and returns Oak’s request for the house’s “finest wine” with a measure of an awful-tasting wine-like substance. In response to their queries about Katar, the bartender confirms that he disappeared (along with most of his belongings) a few days ago, and adds that the local gang of thugs might have had something to do with it. He also mentions that they’ve taken up residence in the banquet hall in the basement, and suggests that the two would be more than welcome to clear the thugs out.

Descending the creaky stairs into the banquet hall, a strong odor of smoke and bad ale washes over the two adventurers. As they enter, one of the men stands up and says gruffly, “I think y’re lost, the little girl’s room is upstairs.”

Oak slams the man into the wall and asks the room (cordially) for the whereabouts of Katar. Near the back of the hall, in front of a banner displaying the crest of The Black Fangs, a table of two or three men sit talking quietly to themselves. As daggers and clubs are drawn, one of them slips out a back door.

Encounter 1: Bar Basement Bandit Brawl

As the last thug falls dead onto the ground, the group heads off after the man who slipped away, only to find a small office with no exit. After a few minutes of searching, they find a hidden ladder leading up to the dusty street of Hatheril.


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