Patron of the party and researcher at Morgrave University.


A Warforged artificer/wizard who has quickly risen in power since being granted his freedom at the end of the Last War. He holds a very strong interest in the arcane arts and was appointed the first (and only) Warforged instructor at Morgrave University. He maintains strong connections with House Cannith and is responsible for several innovations in the field of magical research.

He is somewhat infamous for his odd sense of fashion and pack rat tendencies. He is fond of the gaudy, mismatched jewelry that he has accumulated over his career, and seems to have an inexhaustible supply of various trinkets. Elaborate engravings cover what little plating isn’t covered by his brightly colored robes.

Attached to his faceplate are two horns, and affixed to the back of his head is an arcane familiar of his own making: a second faceplate with a single horn. He has an ever-increasing number of nicknames among his students.


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