An accomplished adventurer, and longtime associate of Relic.


Katar, Warforged Veteran
Medium Natural Humanoid (living construct)
Level 4 Solo Soldier (875 XP)

AC 20 F 17 R 15 W 14

plate armor, 2x katar (embedded)


Katar is an associate of Relic, though his relationship to Morgrave University is strictly that of an independent contractor. He and Relic share what could be considered familial ties, having both been created at the same facility at approximately the same time.

During the Last War, he fought in several campaigns, primarily on behalf of Breland and Cyre. Since the Treaty of Mournhold, he has turned to adventuring and various mercenary work.

He has led several expeditions into the heart of Xen’drik, and it is through one of these expeditions that he came upon what is believed to be a “Giantforged” component. He was en route to deliver the component to Relic, but was delayed when the Lightning Rail track was bombed. He spent several days in the town of Hatheril, where he was kidnapped by members of The Black Fangs and the Ashbound.

He has many connections, especially in the scattered Mournland outposts and communities.


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