Eberron: Equilibrium's End

Growing Pains, Part II

The Slaking of the Thirst

Encounter 16: Betrayer’s Rest (cont’d)

From the journal of Boca Longhoof

The dark hobgoblin fell and we left the strange room with the waterfall behind us.

The bone room had a pool of blood held in a raised bowl. Erik gorged himself on the blood, but the bowl refilled itself. Nyx and I opened the upright coffins expecting danger but what came out was a tidal wave of old bones that knocked me to the ground.

Oak translated markings on three doorways as “Sword Sibling”, which we took to mean some kind of guardian. We chose the unmarked door and walked into an enormous hall. The lights went out, and only then did Ashurta and his bodyguards awaken and move against us.

Encounter 17: Ashurta’s Tomb



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