Eberron: Equilibrium's End

The Search for Katar, Part II

Blood Hawk Strikes Again

Nyx and Content Not Found: eeeoak emerge from the hidden passage out of the basement, only to find their quarry nowhere in sight.

Skill Challenge 1: Hounding the Hellion

In following the trail, their party grows. Boca and Donovyn join them outside of The Creeping Aboleth, and help to gather information in town about where the leader of The Black Fangs fled to. Infamous in the area, they discover that the group was often seen heading to the forest known as The Greenhaunt, to the north of town. While tracking in the forest, they mistakenly take a wrong path and stumble upon Sunder and Erik. They see a hawk fly overhead, (keenly noticing the brass bracelets on its leg, reading ‘Thom’ in Elvish) and expecting enemies ahead, unsuccessfully attempt to approach the area ahead with stealth.

They come up to a clearing at the base of a small cliff side, into the side of which are carved several natural caves. As they prepare to scale the cliff, several arrows are loosed by elven archers hidden in nearby trees.

Encounter 2: Feathery Forest Fight



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