Unrest is brewing in Eberron. In the past few months, there have been an increasing number of deliberate attacks against the Lightning Rail, the chief form of transportation on Khorvaire. In some places this is causing severe, albeit often temporary shortages of food and other vital supplies. House Orien and House Cannith are on full alert, trying to repair breaks in the Lightning Rail line as soon as they are broken. The death toll from derailments and other incidents is beginning to top the hundreds, and news of House Orien’s inability to prevent them has caused a stir among the populace.

But in the meanwhile, life continues. In Sharn, especially, little has changed, and the citizens go about their daily life with little regard for the troubles elsewhere on the continent.

It is in this setting that a letter arrives at the main office of the “Tower Wardens”, a small druidic organization in Sharn’s Skysedge Park. Signed “Relic”, the letter requests the tracking services of the group, and that they meet him at his office at Morgrave University to negotiate a contract.

Part I: Planting Seeds
  • The Search for Katar (Jan. 10 – Jan. 24, 2010) Part I, II, III
  • The Conference at Greenheart (Jan. 31 – Feb. 7, 2010) Part I, II
  • Treeful of Hollow (Feb. 17 – Feb. 28, 2010) Part I, II, III
  • Growing Pains (Mar. 7 – Mar. 28, 2010) Part I, II, III, IV

Note: This campaign is completed/on hiatus. We’re now playing Sherdi: The Sleeping Sands

Eberron: Equilibrium's End

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